Enlisted Mess Video Transcript

– I’m Jessica Williams
and this is an Intrepid Minute.

The crew of Intrepid
worked long hours

at jobs that were sometimes
really tiring.

Feeding the crew
was an important job.

We’re standing right now in one
of Intrepid’s two galleys

where food was prepared
for the crew.

The men who worked here
in this space

worked about 15 hours a day

preparing 7,500 meals a day
for the crew.

The cooks who worked
here on Intrepid

tried to create menus
that would

be enjoyable for the crew.

They created theme nights
featuring foods

from towns where the sailors
might have lived,

like New England clam chowder
and Southern fried chicken.

They also had
international nights

with Asian food and French food
and Italian food.

And they also prepared
special holiday meals

like Thanksgiving turkey

Some people consider the Navy
to have the best food

of any of the armed forces.

And we know from talking
to Intrepid crew members

that having good food
was important for them

in their decision
to join the Navy.

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