Origin Stories Transcript

Narrator: Where did the crew of Intrepid and Growler come from?

David Benedict: Well, my background is – I grew up on a Mohawk Indian reservation in northern New York.

Herman Nascimento: I am from the island of Maui.

Albert Anguish: I grew up in Topeka, Kansas.

Antonio Nibbs: I was born in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Anthony Francica: I live in New Jersey, but I’m originally from Italy.

Samuel Higa: Well, I was born in 1943, in Heart Mountain, Wyoming. It’s a concentration camp for the Japanese Americans.

Henry Mouzon: I grew up in Manning, South Carolina.

Agustin Ramos Jr.: I was born in Salinas, Puerto Rico.

John Anderson: My early childhood was on a ranch in Montana. When I was 10, we moved to Alaska.

Duane Heatwole: Home town was Glendale, Arizona. My family’s been in Arizona since it was a territory.

Michael Perrett: Born in a little town called Penticton, that’s in British Columbia, Canada. So I’m an American by choice not chance.

Edward Bell: I was born in East Chicago, Indiana.

Wesley Hays: I was born in a little town with about 110 people, out in the boonies. (laughs)

Jerry Gottlieb: My family lived on the Lower East Side. I was the only member of my family that was born in the hospital, I think.

Willard Zimmerman: Born on a farm in Michigan. Um, never got in an airplane until I got in the Navy.

Diosdado Gelle: I was born in the Philippines.

William Litwin: I was born in Germany.

Errol Kellum: Born in Baltimore.

Eugene Smith Jr.: In Birmingham, Alabama.

David Bishop: I grew up in Los Angeles.

Cornelius Brown: I was raised in Washington, D.C.

Richard Johnson: Born in Yonkers, moved to the Bronx, then when I went in the Navy, my family moved to Brooklyn. And unbeknownst, I’m right by the Brooklyn Navy Yard to this day. (laughs)

Benedict: We had a lot of talented people here. And it always amazed me after I left – about how so many different people come from all over the country to be on here.