Directions to Squadron Ready Room

When you enter the hangar deck from the Tower 1 gangway (bridge), turn right and go past the large steam accumulator pipes, commissioning bell, optical landing system (the concave mirror with lights on each side) and ship propeller. When you pass a speed bump-like rise in the floor (the original fire door tracks) just before the Avenger airplane, turn left and cross to the opposite side of the hangar deck. Enter through a “knee knocker,” a raised oval-shaped door (watch your step and your head!). You will then have two climb two flights on a steep narrow staircase, known as a Navy ladder. At the top of the staircase, step through a knee knocker and turn right immediately to cross another knee knocker into the CIC. Walk through CIC and then cross through another knee knocker. Turn right into a short hallway. The ready room is on your left behind glass. To continue to the flight deck, turn left and follow the hallway past the radar rooms and air traffic control (all behind glass) and turn left. Walk past “radio central” (behind glass on your right) and then turn left. At the end of that hall, there is a knee knocker on the right. Step through and turn left to climb another Navy ladder up to the flight deck (with two more knee knockers at the top).