Anchor Chain Room Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Ron, and this is an Intrepid Minute.

We are at the very front of the ship.

It’s an area called the fo’c’sle.

It’s an unusual word made more unusual by the spelling F O ‘

C ‘ SLE.

It is short for the word “forecastle” or “forward castle” from

medieval times. For the Intrepid it has our anchor

and anchor chain. Right in front of me is a starboard anchor.

It is roughly 850 foot long.

There is a 30,000 pound anchor at the front of it.

To release them into the water we basically let gravity do its work.

Release the pelican hook over here and let

the 30,000 pound anchor bring this chain into the water about 40 miles an hour.

We would drop it if we are 100 foot of water, we would basically use

200 feet of chain. To bring it back, we have a hydraulic motor.

We wash it off to make sure the salt doesn’t rust and it’s stored six

decks below us in our holding tank.