Navigation Bridge Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Tom Fisher, and this is an Intrepid Minute.

We’re standing on the captain’s bridge.

The helm is at the center. That’s the ship’s wheel.

And next to it is the engine order telegraph.

Two helmsmen would control the ship’s direction and directed

speed from these two instruments.

And they reported to the officer of the deck.

There were at least 10 at all times, up to 20 during combat operations.

And these men were responsible for navigation, ship handling communications

and executing the Plan of the Day.

During flight operations, the bridge crew was responsible for keeping the ship’s

bow turned into the wind and the ship moving as fast as possible to

assist pilots in taking off and landing.

Did you know that the helmsman is the only sailor aboard the ship who obeys the

commands of left and right instead of port and starboard?

That’s so he can’t mistake a command that’s not intended for him.

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