Flag Bridge Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Mike Murtagh, and this is an Intrepid Minute.

I’m standing in Intrepid’s flag bridge or admiral’s bridge.

Now, while the captain up above our heads commanded Intrepid from this room, the

admiral and his staff were in charge of not just this ship, but the entire

formation of ships traveling with the Intrepid.

Throughout Intrepid’s history, several different admirals raised their flag

aboard this ship, but probably the most historically significant was Rear Admiral

Jerry Bogan. In October 1944 during the Battle of Leyte Gulf,

from this room, Jerry Bogan commanded Task Group 38.2.

This formation of U.S. Navy ships included three aircraft carriers, two

battleships, three cruisers and 16 destroyers.

A grand total of about 20,000 men, roughly a quarter of our largest fleet, all

commanded by that one man back here in this room and his staff.

For more on Leyte Gulf and Jerry Bogan, you’re going to have to come down and take our

Pacific War Tour.

In the meantime, stay tuned for another Intrepid Minute.